Terrifying ISIS Paris Attack CCTV Video

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Paris, France. Extraordinary footage of an Isis gunman rampaging in a Paris street has emerged in which it appears one woman’s life is saved when the killer’s machine gun jams as he tries to shoot her.

The video – CCTV footage obtained by the Daily Mail – shows the scene inside a restaurant in the seconds running up to and including the attack.

The gunman in the footage is reported to be fugitive jihadi Salah Abdeslam, who remains on the run six days after the attacks across Paris.

At the denouement of the assault, the gunman is seen pointing what is believed to be an AK-47 machine gun at the ground where a woman is crouched under a table.

He appears to squeeze the trigger, once and then again. But the weapon does not fire, either jammed or out of ammunition. The shooter runs off into the street, to a waiting car.

The woman then stands, looks around, and flees into the night.

It has been reported that while some people were injured by the gunfire at the pizzeria, nobody was killed.

The CCTV footage is shot from three different angles inside the cafe, and shows, initially, a typical Friday night. The cafe is busy, inside and out, and two staff members stand at the bar talking.

The timestamp on the footage says 22:34 – apparently out by one hour, likely unchanged from the recent switch from daylight savings.

Without warning, bullets fly out into the cafe, sending people diving under tables. The bullets appear as flashes on the camera.

One woman, who had reportedly been shot in the wrist, runs into the cafe from outside, holding her wounded arm. She takes shelter behind the bar where she is held and comforted by other patrons.

A man throws himself through the open door behind her, diving onto the ground with his hands protecting his head. He then runs upstairs.

The gunman, his automatic weapon clearly visible in his hands, then comes to the door of the cafe. The weapon has the distinctive curved magazine of a Kalashnikov.

Just on the inside of the door, obscured from the gunman’s view, a customer is crouched against a wall.

But the gunman does not enter, instead he turns to his right, where two women are crouched on the ground, apparently under a table.

They are obscured from the camera’s vision, but the gunman can be seen pointing the barrel of the weapon toward where the closest woman’s head is, and, it appears, attempting to pull the trigger several times.

The gun does not fire.

The gunman, apparently in reaction to something behind him, then turns his head and runs back towards a car in the road. Seconds after he leaves, the woman closest to him stands and looks around before running down the street.

The second woman follows her.

The entire attack lasts less than a minute, and at least 30 bulllets were fired into the cafe. No one is killed.

It is believed this cafe was attacked in the middle of a rampage by three men driving around the 10th and 11th arrondissements of Paris, targeting patrons in bars, restaurants, and cafes.

The three men are believed to be Abdeslam, his brother Ibrahim, who later blew himself up on boulevard Voltaire, and a third gunman, whose participation in the attacks was unknown until street CCTV footage was examined.

The car is reportedly a Black Seat, hired in Salah Abdeslam’s name, and later found abandoned in Montreuil.

The men are believed responsible for the deaths of at least 36 people: 12 at Le Carillon and Le Petit Cambodge restaurants, 19 at La Belle Equippe, and five at La Casa Nostra.

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