April 10th, 2016 by editor

On Friday, April 17, the chamber hosted our Transportation Infrastructure Summit with more than 200 attendees. Speakers included local, state and federal leaders from both the public and private sector. The call to action was loud and clear: we need a stronger, more unified voice to let our state and federal elected officials know that increased funding for transportation infrastructure investment cannot wait. We need your help to address urgent need for a sustainable, long-term funding plan to ensure the safety and efficiency of our transportation future. Please call, email and meet with your representatives to ask them to support increased transportation funding today. Your list of elected officials is HERE – tell them we can’t wait.

While we know increased funding at the state and federal level is critical, we also recognize the need for alternative financing options and innovative public-private partnerships. We urge you to stay engaged in these discussions. Please consider joining our transportation and aviation public policy committees. For more information about these committees, contact Laura Guacci at 704.378.1322.

The Charlotte region must be unified and proactive to create a stable, diversified and economically efficient revenue model that will meet the demands of our current and future needs. For more information on our advocacy efforts, contact Natalie English and 704.378.1332.


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April 2nd, 2016 by editor

THALYS / PARIS Gare du Nord → KÖLN (COLOGNE) Hauptbahnhof / Whole Line / PBKA
タリス / パリ北駅 → ケルン中央駅 / 全区間 / PBKA型

This is normal video, 5x speed version → http://youtu.be/feTvfL3LuQM

Stations 停車駅
Paris Nord パリ北駅
Bruxelles-Midi (Brussels-South) ブリュッセル南駅
Liège-Guillemins リエージュ=ギユマン駅
Aachen Hauptbahnhof (Aachen Central / Aachen Main) アーヘン中央駅
Köln Hauptbahnhof (Cologne Central / Cologne Main) ケルン中央駅

May 26, 2015


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March 23rd, 2016 by editor

[Consulter le rapport sur l’ouverture à la concurrence du transport ferroviaire de voyageurs](http://www.strategie.gouv.fr/content/dossier-de-presse-rapport-ouverture-la-concurrence-du-transport-ferroviaire-de-voyageurs)
Le secteur ferroviaire français connaît depuis plusieurs années des évolutions profondes : séparation entre le gestionnaire d’infrastructure RFF et l’exploitant historique des services de transport SNCF, régionalisation des TER, ouverture à la concurrence du transport de marchandises et du transport international de voyageurs, création d’une autorité de régulation des activités ferroviaires (ARAF), extension du réseau grande vitesse… L’objectif est toujours de développer davantage le chemin de fer, mode de transport qui présente un intérêt particulier pour la société en raison de son faible impact sur l’environnement. Cette volonté se heurte toutefois au coût très élevé et toujours croissant du transport ferroviaire pour la collectivité, et en premier lieu pour les finances publiques, qui vont durablement constituer une ressource rare.


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March 21st, 2016 by editor

A British Transport Films production celebrating the post war Golden Arrow/Fleche d’Or service from London Victoria to Paris. Features colour footage of Bullied’s renowned Merchant Navy class locomotive No. 21C1 “Channel Packet” still in Southern Railway livery. 1 of 2


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March 1st, 2016 by editor

Rail transport in France is mostly operated by SNCF, the French national railway company. France has the second largest European railway network, with a total of 29,901 kilometres of railway. However, the railway system is a small portion of total travel, accounting for less than 10% of passenger travel


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February 24th, 2016 by editor

La modernisation du fret se traduit par une nouvelle approche de l’offre ferroviaire au niveau de l’infrastructure et des services pour les clients de Réseau Ferré de France.


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January 18th, 2016 by editor

Paris / Transport : Perturbations à venir ! – Paris – Les conducteurs de train transiliens prévoient des perturbation en raison d’une grève dans les jours prochains. (Pour obtenir les droits d’exploitation commerciale de cette vidéo, veuillez contacter contact@wizdeo.com)


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January 15th, 2016 by editor

Title : Top 10 Busiest Railway Stations Around the World.

1. Grand Central Terminal ( Category : Railroad station, USA ) : Grand Central Terminal is a commuter railroad terminal at 42nd Street and Park Avenue in Midtown Manhattan in New York City, United States. Opened: 1871. Architectural style: Beaux-Arts architecture. Architects: Cornelius Vanderbilt, John B. Snook, Alfred T. Fellheimer, John Wellborn Root. Architecture firms: Warren and Wetmore, Reed and Stem.
Source : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grand_Central_Terminal

2. Gare du Nord ( Category : Transport terminus, France ) : Paris Nord is one of the six large terminus stations of the SNCF mainline network for Paris, France. It offers connections with several urban transportation lines, including Paris Métro, RER and Buses. By the number of travelers, at around 190 million per year, it is the busiest railway station in Europe and the busiest in the world outside Japan. Opened : 1846.
Source : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gare_du_Nord

3. Shinjuku Station ( Category : Railway station, Japan) : Shinjuku Station is a major railway station in Shinjuku and Shibuya wards in Tokyo, Japan. Serving as the main connecting hub for rail traffic between central Tokyo and its western suburbs on inter-city rail, commuter rail, and metro lines, the station was used by an average of 3.64 million people per day. The station has 36 platforms. Year opened : 1885.
Source : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shinjuku_Station

4. Munich Central Station ( Category : Railway Station, Munich, Germany) München Hauptbahnhof (German for Munich Main station) is the main railway station in the city of Munich, Germany. It is one of the three long distance stations in Munich, the others being München-Pasing and München Ost. München Hauptbahnhof sees about 450,000 passengers a day.
Source : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M%C3%BCnchen_Hauptbahnhof

5. Roma Termini Railway Station ( Category : Railway Station, Italy ) : Roma Termini is the main railway station of Rome, Italy. It is named after the district of the same name, which in turn took its name from ancient Baths of Diocletian, which lie across the street from the main entrance. Opened: 1874.
Source : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roma_Termini_railway_station

6. Zürich Hauptbahnhof ( Category : Station, Switzerland) :
Zürich Hauptbahnhof is the largest railway station in Switzerland. Zürich is a major railway hub, with services to and from across Switzerland and neighbouring European countries such as Germany, Italy, Austria and France. This station serving up to 2,915 trains per day, Zürich HB is one of the busiest railway stations in the world. Opened : 9 August 1847.
Source : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Z%C3%BCrich_Hauptbahnhof

7. Leipzig Central Station (Category : Railway station, Germany) :
Leipzig Hauptbahnhof is, at 83,460 m², the world’s largest railway station measured by floor area. It has 24 platforms housed in six iron train sheds, a multi-level concourse with towering stone arches, and a 293 metre-long facade. It handles an average of 120,000 passengers per day and is the hub of the Central German S-Bahn-system.
Source : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leipzig_Hauptbahnhof

8. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Railway Station (Category : Station, Mumbai, India) : Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) ), formerly Victoria Terminus (VT), is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an historic railway station in Mumbai, India – which serves as the headquarters of the Central Railways. Designed by Frederick William Stevens. Opened: 1887. Architectural style: Indo-Saracenic Revival architecture.
Source : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chhatrapati_Shivaji_Terminus

9. Berlin Central Station (Category : Railway station, Germany) :
Berlin Hauptbahnhof is the main railway station in Berlin, Germany. It came into full operation two days after a ceremonial opening on 26 May 2006. Opened: May 26, 2006. Architectural styles: French Renaissance architecture, Renaissance Revival architecture.
Source : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berlin_Hauptbahnhof

10. Jakarta Kota Station (Category : Train Station, Indonesia) : Jakarta Kota Station is a terminal train station, located in the old city core of Jakarta. The station was appointed as a historical and cultural landmark in 1993. The station was named Batavia Zuid until the end of the 19th century. Opened: 1870. Province: Jakart.
Source : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jakarta_Kota_Station


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January 14th, 2016 by editor

BB36000 vue sur le réseau H0 du club d’Albens lors du Salon de la Maquette de Paris en 2011


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January 12th, 2016 by editor

Le transport du courrier dans les trains poste. Les ambulants des ptt sont nés en 1845 et sont morts en 1995.
voir notre site http://museeboiteauxlettres.fr


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