RFiD Blocking Sleeve Value Set : 10 Cards + 2 Passports + 1 Bonus Wallet Insert


More than 1 Billion Credit, Debit and ID Cards in circulation with UN-ENCRYPTED RFiD chips

Are you vulnerable to Electronic Skimming whether on holiday or at the office?
– If your card shows the RFID or the PayPass logo, it is RFID-enabled and contactless
– Many of these cards have no encryption.
– An electronic thief steals Bank account numbers or ID information by standing closely with a digital RFiD reader and media reports state this type of theft is increasing
– Soon, most credit cards, access cards or Biometric Passports will be issued with an RFID chip

Our anti-theft sleeve products offer protection and will shield each card and passport from electronic snooping by blocking the radio waves
– The protector is a compound of 3 layers: the materials are aluminum foil enclosed within two outer paper layers
– The holder blocks the card from transmitting outside the sleeve
– The outside layers provide scratch-resistance for the magnetic strip
– Our top rfid-blocking sleeves set will protect any card that broadcasts at 13.56 Mhz and over so can also be used as badgeholders
– FIPS-201 compliant, Approved by the US Government as an Electromagnetically Opaque Shield
– Our sleeve designs are color-coded and have a white text area to help you identify the card name or passport within (eg mastercard or visa)

Our “Good Karma” Guarantee
– We are serious about customer satisfaction
– Take note that our sleeves do not protect cards broadcasting at 125khz

Order to protect and secure yourself now, better safe than sorry. No more identity theft snooping!

DESIGNED WITH THE CUSTOMER IN MIND: Write your card type in the white space to easily identify your card, or simply remember the color of the credit card sleeve or passport protector sleeve for each card type or passport owner.
PROTECTION FIRST: Our top quality RFiD protection holders are designed to block radio waves from transmitting outside the covers to protect you from electronic ID theft so you can walk around at peace in crowded areas. You will also receive our complimentary RFiDBlockSleeves Guide to Protecting Yourself from ID Theft.
OPTIONS AND QUALITY: The Value Pack contains 10 credit card covers in 5 different colors and 2 passport protectors in 2 different colors. (fit normal-sized passports) Tear-proof, strong seams and a non-scratch inner layer for protection of the magnetic strip.
INDIVIDUAL CARD SECURITY: Protect each card individually by keeping it in its own color-coded holder and you have the best guarantee that Identity Thieves can no longer get to your data.
No credit card left unprotected!

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