Paris Demystified: Making the Most of Your Paris Visit


Sarah and Richard Dorr, veteran Paris travelers and researchers, understand the logistical and sightseeing challenges that can compromise the enjoyment of a Paris visit. Paris Demystified contains a unique cornucopia of pointers on how to avoid the pitfalls of Paris and become immersed in the “real” Paris, while minimizing frustration and fatigue. An engaging writing style and tourist perspectives escort the reader through the airport, into Paris, onto and under boulevards, into hotels, through restaurants and shops, and to scores of attractions-all the while offering innovative, practical advice on how to avoid Parisian pitfalls.

Geographic “sightseeing modules” combine sightseeing efficiency with cross-sections of major attractions and those “flying under the radar.” Samples of other contents: vocabulary aids (with phonetic pronunciations), headed by 40 “survival terms;” a simplified method for mastering the Métro; a script for making reservations en Français; the reassuring lowdown on Parisians’ reputations for aloofness; clues for spotting and thwarting pickpockets; a complete list of Paris taxi stations; and the authors’ personal recommendations of restaurants, hotels, and lesser-known sightseeing gems; and many more.

This is not a typical guidebook. After Paris Demystified is used to plan an overall strategy for “attacking” Paris, conventional guidebooks may then be consulted for additional details.

December 29th, 2015 by