Nunn Design Transfer Sheet “Paris Postmarks” For Scrapbook – Fits Patera


Used in this how-to video:. How to Use Glass Domes in Jewelry. . Get started with collage projects right away! Beautiful, nostalgic images of Parisian scenes, the Eiffel Tower, and stamped postmarks. These transfer sheets feature a variety of designs in different shapes and sizes. Each size will fit a specific Patera shape. Patera punches can be used to quickly and accurately cut the shapes, but fine scissors or an Exacto knife, and patience will also work. These images will not blur, stain, or run when used with water based glues, Mod Podge, Diamond Glaze, etc. The colors will show beautifully through resins, Gel Du Soleil, and Magic Glos. After cutting out the image, drop into a bowl of water and let soak for about a minute. The film like image will gradually release from the backing paper to be set directly on your chosen Patera pendant and later covered with acrylic varnish You will receive one sheet measuring 11 Inches X 4 1/4 Inches containing 34 images. There are some duplicate pictures, which are great for matching earrings! Please note: item photo is blurred and faded to prevent reproduction. Actual transfer sheets are professional looking.Color:
Materials or Model Number: Paper
Quantity: 1
Shape or Style:

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