Geoff the Chef Perfect Pancake and Crepe Maker Machine, 2 Interchangeable Non-Stick Electric Griddle Pans with Bonuses: Wooden Spreader, Spatula, Turner, Batter Mix Starter Recipes


No other crepe maker includes a complete three-piece tool set AND interchangeable non-stick cooking plates (no special tools needed).

Transport yourself to the streets of France, China, India or Russia and impress your family and friends by making mouthwatering crepes, dosa, blintzes, jianbing and delicious pancakes. All are quick and easy to make with the Perfect Crepe Maker and pancake maker electric griddle.

Simply plug it in, let it warm up, and this French crepe maker will give stacks of piping hot crepes and pancakes ready to garnish, add syrup and eat in minutes. Your pancakes from the double pancake maker (4 total at once) will be a perfectly round 4.5″ every time. When finished cooking, the non-stick coating on the plates wipes clean or can be placed in the dishwasher (soak the wooden tools in water).

Step-by-step instructions walk you through everything you need to make amazingly delicious food for yourself and your family and friends with this electric crepe maker.

You can also use the griddle attachment for a lot more than just making crepes. Warm tortillas, toast hamburger and hot dog buns, cook eggs, grill fish and pork chops!

The photos you see here were taken of crepes and pancakes made with the Perfect Crepe Maker by a non-professional chef using the crepe maker accessories included. You too can do the same with this versatile crepe maker professional machine.

Included inside:

• 1080W Crepe and Pancake Machine
• 12″ diameter crepe maker pan
• 12″ diameter pancake plate
• wood spatula
• wood t-spreader
• wood pancake turner
• Instruction guide with recipes


If for any reason you are unsatisfied, just email us stating the reason you are unhappy, and you will receive a courteous and prompt refund within 24 hours. It’s that simple.Other crepe makers only do one thing: make crepes. Not this one. This versatile machine with interchangeable plates lets you quickly prepare savory French crepes suzettez, Russian blintzes, Indian dosa, Chinese jianbing and perfectly shaped fluffy pancakes (4 at a time)! It can also cook eggs, bacon, warm tortillas and make grilled cheese sandwiches. You won’t find another machine that does ALL of this.
Easy to change nonstick plates make up to 12 inch crepes & four 4.5″ delicious pancakes at a time. Non-stick surface cleans easily when done and built-in hooks on bottom tuck cord away for storage.
Get professional chef results, or your money back. “I can’t believe how well this works! The pancakes I made this morning were soooo pretty!” Amazon review by Debby Lopezon on July 27
Stoves get too hot and pans cook unevenly. The Perfect Crepe Maker makes much better crepes since it has even heat distribution and adjustable temperature control. It heats up fast too.
Everything you need: Crepes recipe guide & 3 crepes mix tools included: wooden spatula, t-spreader and pancake turner. The Crepes Machine is lightweight and doesn’t take up much space.

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