France’s transport strike taking toll on economy

Hello! I’m Kristin Volk with a UPI headline update on this Tuesday, November 20, 2007.

Analysts are warning of the impact of France’s transport strike on the country’s economy. France is reportedly losing up to 2 billion euros, or $3 billion, a day. National strikes have paralyzed the country’s transport system since last week. French commuters have resorted to biking to work or cramming on to the limited number of trains still running.

Democratic Presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are clashing over each other’s economic experience. Yesterday, the New York senator suggested that her counterpart wasn’t fit to oversee a U.S. economy where more families are struggling to keep their homes. She said everyday learning the ropes is another day of rising costs and mounting deficits. Obama replied saying his team’s plan on those issues has been superior to hers and questioned Clinton’s background in dealing with an economic slump. This comes as a new poll indicated that Clinton had yet to lead in Iowa, which is the first test in the 2008 campaign.

Meanwhile, four U.S. cities will be the home of the presidential and vice-presidential debates in the general election campaign next year. The Commission on Presidential Debates has chosen Oxford, Mississippi; St. Louis, Missouri; Nashville, Tennessee; and Hempstead, New York. New Orleans reportedly took offense at its omission, with the state’s Democratic senator, Mary Landrieu, saying the commission had lost sight of the public interest it was chartered to serve. The city was one of 16 finalists.

President Bush’s domestic security adviser is stepping down. Frances Fragos Townsend is the latest Bush aide to resign in a series of senior officials who’ve left the administration. She gave no reason for her departure other than to say that she wanted to go into the private sector. White House officials are not commenting on a potential replacement.

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