e² transport – Paris: Vélo Liberté (Podcast)

This video podcast examines whether an auto-sharing program in Paris can, in fact, help reduce automobile usage. Paris’ citywide bike-sharing plan, Velib’, has been so successful that the mayor wants to create a similar system for cars. Autolib’, as it would be called, could offer a reliable and affordable alternative to driving personal vehicles in the city’s congested streets. Some, however, feel that giving people the option to use a car in lieu of public transport is a step backward.

“e²: the economies of being environmentally conscious” is an ongoing PBS documentary series about solutions to the world’s most pervasive environmental challenges. The latest addition to the series – “e² transport” – examines transportation alternatives and urban planning in cities around the world. Check your local PBS listings for television broadcast dates in your area.

The “e²” series and its video podcasts are produced by kontentreal, and distributed within the United States by PBS. More information is available at http://www.pbs.org/e2/ and http://www.e2-series.com/


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