Beyond The Browsers: Disrupting Transportation

Jay and Amy have found several things that can make your transportation experience easier and cooler.
Google has now made a self-driving car that has no steering wheel, gas or break pedal. Amy says that people were a little unnerved when they got into the car and had no control of their car.
Some skateboards now have motors that can go up to 20 MPH uphill. The skateboard is controlled by either your smartphone or a wireless throttle. It is kind of pricey though coming in at $1200.
Airplanes are starting to get an electric makeover. Airbus says they want to decrease the carbon dioxide emissions of air transportation. This plane will be shown in France at the Paris Air Show.

“A First Drive” via Google Self-Driving Car Project

“The Lightest Electric Skateboard in the World” via Marbel

“Airbus introduces first electric airplane” via Daily News


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