Art Attack Silvertone Only Fearless Can Be Great Paris Eiffel Tower Beaded Bag Charm Pendant Keychain


We sell quality items at reasonable prices!You must be imaginative, strong-hearted. You must try things that may not work, and you must not let anyone define your limits because of where you come from. Your only limit is your soul. What I say is true – anyone can cook… but only the fearless can be great.
Tourists when visiting Paris sometimes have to be sent back to their home country because they suffer from extreme shock sometimes called “Paris Syndrome.” It is because they were completely unprepared for the reality of Paris not being the greatest place in the world.
The Great Mosque of Paris sheltered Jews during the Holocaust and supplied them with Muslim identity certificates.
Paris and Rome are exclusive sister cities, seeing no other city as equal counterparts. The two use the motto: “Only Paris is worthy of Rome; only Rome is worthy of Paris.”
During WWI, France built a ‘Fake Paris’ near the capital city to confuse German pilots.

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