Airwheel Self Balancing One Wheel Electric Unicycle Scooter Solves Your Transportation Needs (Black and Red)


Airwheel is the state-of-the-art means of transportation adopting aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm, and a complex gyroscope system to maintain balance by leaning forward and backward. Riders can control the vehicle to go forward, accelerate, decelerate, brake, etc. by leaning forward or backward. Similar to the techniques of riding a bicycle, the riders achieve balance on Airwheel by slightly tilting sideways. Airwheel is the greenest and lightest smart unicycle which can be easily carried onto buses or subways, facilitating daily commuters.


Airwheel boasts 3 major R&D centers located in Los Angeles, Beijing and Changzhou. Airwheel Technology aggregates software and hardware research, manufacturing and sales systems with our core R&D team formed in 2009 and rich in experiences regarding fields of fuzzy software algorithm, altitude control, dynamic control and robots. Through 3 years of arduous effort, our team has successfully solved 4 major problems in the electric unicycle industry: Range, Heat Dissipation, Safety and Cost with over 50 patents and intellectual properties to our name.

Waking Up Your Body

Airwheel delivers super light, portable, green and easy-to-use products to facilitate your daily life and brings you refreshing riding experiences. Aiming at waking up your body and feelings, Airwheel products coordinate your body movement with the brain in diapason, enlighten your routine workout, ignite your initiative and creativity and lift your spirit for better self-development.


The design had to deliver the core value of the product, integrate functions into the exterior and through every single detail. Airwheel products are designed to be fascinating, portable and environmentally friendly.

High Technology, Self Balancing Unicycle
With U.S. Charger, No Converter Needed
Environmentally Friendly Design
Small, Portable, Cool and Affordable
22 Pounds – 90 Minute Charge – 11 MPH – 14 Mile Range

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