A Strip Mall and Intersection Outside Paris, France

I really like “slice of life” videos, not too long, which show me aspects of ordinary scenery and stuff from the lives of people around the world.

There is nothing special at all about this little clip. I decided to post it because it is in Sceaux, France (I think) heading toward Paris. This is not far South of the Paris city limits. It was a Sunday and things were closed, but it shows a few ordinary sights while figuring out how to drive home after visiting a cultural site.

I always like to see buildings, shops, and how the streets are laid out in your videos. I am curious as to what the people walking around are wearing. Here, you can hear that I speak to my French husband in English, which he insists upon, but that we throw French expressions into the conversation, so it’s not easy for outsiders to grasp. A “tour gratuit(e)” means when we get to a traffic circle or roundabout or circus, if we can make no sense of the signs and figure out where to go, we go around again calmly, even several times, until things become clearer.

I’m not all that sure I’d recommend driving in France. The drivers are the second worst in all Europe. Paris can be frightening to drive in and around, and I’m a former New Yorker from Ohio who drove fearlessly and well. My health no longer allows me to drive, and my spouse only learned fairly recently.

You really can and should take public transportation in and around Paris, just allowing lots of time. I detest the RER commuter train system, but the métro, tramways and even the buses are fine and they all take the same ticket. Buy them in ten-packs (“carnets”) for a huge discount.

My spouse was born in Montreuil, which was considered part of Paris at that time, and grew up in the Val-de-Marne département just beyond the Paris city limits in Le Kremin-Bicêtre. I lived there with him and his parents my first five months here until we got our own place in Saint-Denis. In Seine-Saint-Denis.

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