12-Feet wide by 8-Feet high. Prepasted wallpaper high quality mural fom a photo of: Eiffel Tower, Paris. Trompe L’Oeil. Our murals are easy to hang remove and reuse (hang again) if you do as in our demonstration video. 144″ Wide by 96″ High.


To learn more about murals click on the muralunique usa url on the previous page and then click on url Detailed Seller Information. IMPORTANT: Watch our instruction video on youtube: search for Muralunique. Also read the instruction sheet included with each mural. SOMETHING YOU MUST KNOW ABOUT MURALS: All murals come in pre numbered panels to hang in sequence creating the complete mural. There are 3 ways to produce murals. A- CHEAPEST PRICE: The panels are produced separately in large quantities so they cannot guarantee color match between panels. It is printed on is a thin low quality paper and has a tendency to stretch and to crease when you wet it, making it very difficult to match the designs (panels). May be extremely difficult to remove once dry. A little more money will get you a much better quality mural. B- MEDIUM PRICE: What we (Muralunique) do. Each panel is identical to the first 1/4 inch of the following panel so you overlap them to prevent any open seam when the paper dries. The panels are printed one after the other on the same run and each second panel is printed reversed to prevent color difference from side to side (shading). The product is pre-pasted. Just soak it in water to activate the glue. The substrate (non woven) is a robust and washable blend of paper and synthetic fiber (no PVC vinyl). It will not shrink when it dries with minimal bubbles that can easily be pushed out without damaging the substrate. The mural is easy to remove and you can reuse it. Most Peel & Stick murals are also med. price but have similar issues as the Cheapest Price (refer to client reviews). C- HIGH PRICE: They will come on 3 panels of 48″ (1,22m) by 8′ (2,44m) high on a heavy PVC vinyl. The substrate is a high quality heavy PVC vinyl or canvas. Installation should be done by a professional paper hanger. We (Muralunique) have been producing and selling quality murals for many years. Buy in confidence and enjoy a better quality mural.Printed in Canada on a US made non-woven substrate:a robust paper blend & synthetic fiber,no PVC
Prepasted, washable, dry strippable, reusable, removable.
DIY, watch our Instruction video on youtube search for Muralunique.
Varnished to seal and improve resistance to scratching. Washable with a mild soap.
If you follow our video instructions U will have NO issues with bubbles, creases, and visible seams.

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